Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: October 1, 2020

If you’re in need of a new air conditioner, look no further. Check out our team’s review of the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU ductless mini split system air conditioner if you need results quickly and efficiently.

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Sharp has enjoyed world renown for many years now. Known by many as a manufacturer of robust and reliable home appliances, there are few brands on the market that can boost the diversity and sheer quality of build that Sharp has achieved and maintained time after time. Today, our team will be reviewing one of Sharp’s ductless mini split ductless air conditioners; The Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU, to see how it measures up to Sharp’s formidable legacy. Check it out.


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Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU Air Conditioner Review

The ductless mini split system model of air conditioner consists largely of two units connected via wires and refrigerant tubing. These two units are the outdoor condenser, and the indoor air handler. There are many benefits to selecting this type of air conditioner, for one, it means that you don’t have to gut your home to put in air ducts. Another massive benefit it has over portable or window-mounted air conditioners is that these systems tend to be capable of delivering a lot of power, while producing relatively little noise, at least from an indoor perspective. Interested? Read on for our comprehensive buyer’s guide below!


Cooling Performance

The Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU provides the user with up to 9,000 BTUs of heating or cooling power. Further, with a maximum airflow of 369 cubic feet per minute, the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU ductless mini split system will effectively circulate air throughout your living space, which essentially means that cooling effects will be felt much sooner.


Efficiency & Certifications

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) takes into account the energy consumption and performance output of an appliance in an average seasonal setting. The resulting figure functions as a suitably accurate measurement of how efficient the unit is, and allows us to compare it with other products on the market. With a SEER score of 22, the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU has proven itself to be well above-average when it comes to efficient performance, which means you save money when operating this device. In addition to this, the inclusion of inverter technology, which allows the unit to vary its fan speed, enables this device to save even more cash on energy bills. As if all this weren’t enough of a guarantee of efficient performance, this product is also Energy Star certified, meaning this unit performs in a manner that adheres to strict energy conservation related guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.



Fortunately, the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU comes with a wide range of convenient features incorporated into its final design. Dry mode allows the system to remove moisture from the air, effectively combatting humidity, without altering the temperature of the room. Further, auto mode enables this split system air conditioner to detect when temperatures reach uncomfortable levels, and automatically power on to re-establish a comfortable setting. Additionally silent mode will cut back on the noise pollution of your device, while auto restart will allow the unit to automatically reboot following a power outage. However, the convenient features of the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU are not limited to its functional modes, but rather there are additional aspects to this unit’s design, such as the wireless LCD remote control that greatly improve upon the operational convenience of this system.



The ductless mini split model of air conditioner consists of an outdoor condenser unit, connected via wires and refrigerant tubing to the indoor air handler unit. There are many advantages to selecting a ductless system, such as easier installation, and lowered renovation costs. Additionally, with the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU split system, users may also benefit from bacteria-removing plasmacluster ion technology, and an Ag+ filter, which will actively work make the air you and your loved ones breathe healthier. Further, key components of this unit’s condenser benefit from an anti-corrosion coating, making the unit more resilient when hit by extreme weather conditioners. Further, this system’s 15 ft. installation kit expands the range of possible installation locations in your home.




Help & Support

Fortunately, Sharp provide their users with a wealth of useful online resources such as downloadable user manuals and documents, and FAQs. Additionally, should you encounter an issue with your Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU, experienced customer service representatives are contactable via telephone, email, and through the company’s various social media presences. Finally, this system is covered by a 6-years parts, 7-years compressor limited warranty.



To sum up our review of the Sharp AY-XPC09PU/AE-X09PU, this ductless mini split residential air conditioning system excels in both convenience and efficiency. Remaining user-friendly, this unit will get the job done, while also saving you a hefty sum of money over time through efficient operation. With its 9,000 BTUs of cooling/heating output, this unit is ideal for medium sized living spaces, easily earning our recommendation, if its price-tag and specifications fall within your price range and preferences.