Quiet Central Air Conditioner 2021

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Seeking out the best quiet central air conditioner units can be quite a task, given the technical factors as well as the sheer range of choice available. Our team has assessed a range of central air conditioner systems and compiled this roundup of the best units.

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Quiet Central Air Conditioner

While power and energy efficiency—especially speed of cooling—can be decisive factors when you are choosing an air conditioner system for the home or the office, they are by no means the only things to take into account. When you’re looking for the best central air conditioner, especially for home use, you will also want an idea of how much noise your generator will make when operational. Quiet Central Air Conditioner units can be the most important systems of all to certain householders or purchases who simply do not wish to contend with loud noise levels.


Quiet Central Air Conditioner Units Review 2021

Our team looked at the best Quiet Central Air Conditioner units on the market and compiled this list of reviews to help you find the machine that will suit your needs best.


Photo Name Noise Level (dBA) More Info Price
Goodman Air Conditioner 73 dBA More Info > Check Price >
Bryant Air Conditioner 75 dBA More Info > Check Price >
Rheem Air Conditioner 76 dBA More Info > Check Price >



1. Quiet Central Air Conditioner Review – Goodman GSX160361

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The Goodman GSX160361 is the quietest of the quiet central air conditioner units that we reviewed, generating just 73 dBa of noise. This would make the Goodman an ideal generator for home use, or in any environment where noise levels can really make a difference, such as a small office for example. It’s also compact and highly energy-efficient, able to powerfully cool medium to larger rooms, with its chlorine0-free liquid refrigerant keeping the atmosphere free of any ozone-damaging elements. The unit’s steel cabinet comes with the unique Goodman Sound Control Top design, which minimises sound. Definitely one of the best quiet central air conditioner units on the market.

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2. Quiet Central Air Conditioner Review – Bryant Legacy 4-Ton

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Only slightly louder than the Goodman GSX160361 comes the second unit on our list, the Bryant Legacy 4-Ton Air Conditioner, a powerful unit that still emits only 75 dBA during operation. Like the Goodman appliance, this is another of the most highly energy-efficient air conditioner models on the market. It has a two-ton condensing unit and is Energy Star rated, and uses 410-A refrigerant. So the power is there, making this a great system for efficiently cooling your home. But the noise insulation of the unit is one of its most striking features. This machine has a manufacturer’s warranty that is valid when registered to the homeowner, and installed by a licensed HVAC professional.

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3. Quiet Central Air Conditioner Review – Rheem 3-Ton

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This Rheem unit is the outdoor condenser only, but as can be seen from the data table above, is bound to impress if you are living in a built-up residential area where you like to have a peaceful garden and don’t want noise to annoy your neighbours. Rheem’s outdoor condenser will provide cooling only, and as part of a complete split system (which will also include an indoor air handler, blower or gas furnace component), will cool your house or a small office like a dream

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