Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: March 18, 2020

Dreading the unstoppable Summer heat? Searching for a way to bring comfort back? Check out our review of the Pioneeer WYS012GMFI17RL ductless mini split air conditioner.

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Pioneer has established and consistently improved upon a reputation for introducing high quality home appliances to the market for many years now. Today, our team will be reviewing the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL ductless air conditioner under a varied range of criteria, to see exactly how this unit performs in an average residential space. If you’re looking for a convenient solution to bring comfort back into the Summer months, check out our review below.


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Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL Air Conditioner Review

The ductless mini split air conditioning system consists mainly of two components, an outdoor condenser, connected via wires and refrigerant tubing to an indoor air handler unit. There are numerous advantages to installing a system of this type, for example, such a system can offer a more even distribution of cooling power over a wider range and does not require the installation of large ducts, which are necessary in some of the more traditional systems on the market. However, while arguably one of the most convenient methods of air conditioning, we strongly advise hiring an experienced professional to carry out installation, in order to minimize the chances of a botched job. Check out our full review below for more information.


Cooling Performance

With an output of 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL is ideal for installation in living spaces of up to 450 square feet. With its max airflow of 294 cubic feet per minute, the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL is quite effective at air circulation allowing this unit’s cooling effects to be felt after a relatively short period of time.


Efficiency & Certifications

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) score of a unit provides an accurate representation of how efficiently a unit will perform when in operation. With a SEER of 17.5, the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL is moderately efficient when compared to some of the other higher-quality models on the market. That being said, this unit remains a significant upgrade when replacing most older units.

Regarding certifications, the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL comes UL-Listed, which means that this unit has been safety-assessed by the experts at Underwriters Laboratories. Additionally, with an ETL certification and an AHRI performance certification, this unit can be relied upon to perform to the extent published by the manufacturer, while being compliant with North American market regulations.



With its wireless remote control, the user is enabled to change the settings on their air conditioning unit from anywhere in the room. Further, with an operational timer, the user of this device is encouraged to program their unit to perform around their own daily schedule. One exceptionally useful feature of this unit is its auto changeover capability, which means the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL is capable of automatically alternating between cooling and heating, depending on which service is required. With night mode, this air conditioner is able to adopt temperature settings matching naturally changing body temperatures at night. Finally, with auto restart, this product is able to automatically reboot itself following a power outage in the area, resuming function on its previous function.

It bears noting that the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL may also come with a number of optional features, such as a higher density filter, plasma dust collector, or ionizer for air filtration purposes. Further, it is possible to enable unit control through wi-fi.



Concerning noise levels, the Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL’s indoor air handler registers at approximately between 24dB and 40.5dB, while the system’s outdoor condenser unit registers at about 54dB. Additionally, this unit features inverter+ technology, which furthers the efficiency of the system, as it allows the unit to alter its fan speed to conserve energy, rather than simply powering on or off. Finally, this system is connected via a 16 foot line set, which is slightly above average length, while all air is passed through a washable filter, so you needn’t splash out on expensive replacements.

Dimensions (Inches)

Indoor Unit

Height: 11.6″

Width: 31.5″

Depth: 7.3″

Weight: 19lbs


Outdoor Unit

Height: 21.8″

Width: 30.3″

Depth: 12.6″

Weight: 65lbs


Help & Support

The Pioneer WYS012GMFI17RL is covered by a 2-years parts, 5-years compressor limited warranty plan. Should you have any queries regarding warranty policy, or you require additional support, Pioneer customer service representatives are available via live chat, telephone, email, or through the company’s various social media presences. Additionally, Pioneer provide users with in-depth FAQs, alongside downloadable user documents located on their official website.    2-Years parts / 5-Years compressor limited warranty / Live chat , telephone , email , social media / FAQs . downloadable documents