Nakatomi X Uninex Air Conditioner Review 2021

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Looking for an powerful and efficient solution to cooling a small area like a patio or porch? Check out our review of the Nakatomi X Uninex Spot Cooler.

by AC Rated

Spot Coolers are designed to provide cooling to areas where you need it most. Portable, these air conditioning units can be strategically positioned to combat excessive heat in an efficient and affordable manner. While not a portable air conditioner, in the same way, most of the units we have reviewed, Spot Coolers are ideal for precise application of cooled air. Today, our team of analysts will be reviewing the Nakatomi X Uninex commercial air conditioner. Check out our full review below for all of the relevant information regarding this immensely useful product.


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Nakatomi X Uninex Air Conditioner

The Nakatomi X Uninex SAC-1800 is the perfect companion for precisely cooling down small areas at which its airflow is directed at. Additionally, with its dehumidifier capabilities, we recommend this unit for installation in hot, tropic environments. Continue reading below for more information.


Cooling Performance

The Nakatomi X Uninex SAC-1800 spot cooler is capable of providing a space of up to 77 square feet with 6,143 BTUs of cooling power. Additionally, this unit also has a built-in dehumidifier. While were unfortunately unable to uncover an exact dehumidifying rate, we can testify that the Nakatomi X Uninex removes most condensate in humid environments We would suggest this unit for installation in smaller areas that suffer from hot and humid conditions, such as a porch for example.


Efficiency & Certifications

With regard to safety, the Nakatomi X Uninex comes ETL certified, which is recognised as proof of compliance with North American and Canadian published safety regulations. With regard to efficiency, while there was no Energy Efficiency Ratio available to us at the time of this review,  we can confirm that this unit will consume up to 618W of power while in operation.


Convenience & Design

With a noise level of approximately 60-62dB while in operation, the Nakatomi X Uninex will not disrupt your day-to-day routine. Further, with a weight of 50.7lbs, this unit is not exactly “light”, however it is easily moved from one room to the next with its two side top-face handles and four easy-roll caster wheels. With regard to this unit’s dehumidifier specifications, a 0.8 gallon tank is capable of holding a large amount of dehumidified moisture, or alternatively this unit can be hooked up for continuous drainage, so you needn’t worry about emptying the tank often.

Another perk of the design of the Nakatomi X Uninex is that it requires no installation. Simply remove from packaging, set up in desired location, and let it cool your surroundings quickly and efficiently. Finally, for those wondering, the cooling duct of this unit measures at 10″ when fully packed in, and extends to 13″.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 24″

Width: 18.7″

Depth: 10.4″

Help & Support

Regrettably, we were unable to obtain any warranty information regarding this product at the time of this review. Therefore, we recommend that buyers contact the manufacturer with any warranty related queries before making a purchase.

With regard to customer service infrastructure, Uninex customer service representatives are contactable via telephone, fax, email, online web-form, and live chat on the company’s official website.



To sum up our review of the Nakatomi X Uninex SAC-1800, we believe this to be a fantastic choice of spot cooler. However, we would like to stress that spot coolers are best suited to cooling small specific spaces. We would not recommend a unit like this if you seek to evenly cool an entire room. The ideal location for the Nakatomi X Uninex SAC-1800 in our opinion would be a porch or garden patio, in a hot and humid climate, as it will provide cool, dehumidified air to establish a bubble of comfort for the user.