Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Looking for a powerful alternative to the more well-known home AC brands on the market? Check out our Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 to see if this product is the perfect match for you.

by AC Rated

Midea has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of reliable home air conditioning appliances through the years. Combining robust, sleek design with high performance, Midea has put its stamp on the market. By showcasing their commitment to quality by providing their customers with powerful alternatives to the more well-known brands, this growing brand is truly one to watch in the future. Today our team will be assessing the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 portable air conditioner, to determine where it stands in Midea’s impressive catalog. Read our full review below for more information.


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Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 Air  Conditioner


The Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 is a powerful portable air conditioning unit. Unwieldy though the name may be, this product is an effective way of establishing a comfortable living environment for you and your loved ones during the hot Summer months. Although details on this unit’s performance may be relatively scarce, if Midea’s track record is anything to go by, users may rest assured that this product will deliver an efficient, and reliable performance. Retailing for approximately $359.00, the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 is certainly not a “cheap” investment. However, considering the sheer strength of this unit with regard to its raw cooling power, the price-tag is undeniably justified. Check out our review below for the full run-down of how this product performs under a variety of criteria.


Cooling Performance

Providing 10,000 BTUs of raw cooling power, the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 is suitable for installation in living spaces of up to 450 square feet. However, there are several factors that can affect a unit’s efficiency, such as climate conditions, unusual ceiling heights or floor plans, and what type of room it is. For example, a kitchen will require an extra 4,000 BTUs of cooling power.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a unit is an adequate measure of a unit’s performance efficiency. Unfortunately, there was no EER score available at the time of this review relating to the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10. In addition to this, the Energy Star status of this product is currently undisclosed, leaving us with no indicator of how efficient this unit actually is.

Furthermore, there was no further information regarding any certifications available to us either, which means that by purchasing the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10, the user is effectively taking a leap of faith.

Instead of using the usual measures of efficiency, we will simply supply the electronic specs of this unit.

Electronic Specifications: 115V, 15A, 3 Prong Plug.



Weighing 58lbs, this unit is relatively heavy, therefore we advise seeking assistance when transporting or installing this device. While not the heaviest unit we have come across, the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 can still prove to be too much for many people.

The Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 is a moderately attractive device from an aesthetics standpoint. While admittedly a little unambitious in design, we liked the curved silver exterior casing. However, we did not like the front vent on the unit, as we found that the way it was designed did not tie in with the design principles of the rest of the unit.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 29.49″

Width: 13.74″

Depth: 15″


Help & Support

Should you encounter any issues with your device, experienced customer service representatives are contactable via telephone and email.

Additionally, the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10 is backed by Midea’s 1-year labour and parts, 3-year sealed system warranty. While this warranty is no industry leader, it is certainly generous compared to the average unit on the market.



To sum up our review of the Midea MPPH-10CRN1-B10, we have several issues to discuss. Firstly, the lack of information relating to this unit’s performance is alarming. With no clear way to measure this unit’s efficiency, and with a complete lack of certifications, buyers of this unit are forced to purchase out of blind faith in Midea’s reliability as a manufacturer. We often advise against such moves, as they can, at the worst of times, put the buyer in a difficult position. Additionally, the apparent lack of convenient features built into this device make operation quite dull. However, it must be noted that this unit is still a decent choice of unit if you’re looking for raw cooling power.