Kaussmann Ductless 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: March 18, 2020

It can be hard to find a decent air conditioner with the market being so saturated with choice. Let us clear things up for you and show you one of our recommended products; the Kaussmann Ductless Mini Split (12,000 BTU)

by AC Rated

Ductless air conditioners provide a streamlined and convenient alternative to the more expensive and complex ducted systems on the market. Consisting of an interior air handler unit, and an exterior condenser, linked only by wiring and refrigerant tubing, installation of this type of device is relatively easy and inexpensive. That being said, installing a ductless mini split is a far more advanced task to undertake than installing say, a portable or window-mounted unit. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that a professional be hired to carry out the job. Today, our team of air conditioner analysts will be assessing the Kaussmann ductless 12,000 BTU air conditioner. A well-respected brand like Kaussmann must maintain their legacy through the introduction of high-quality units to the market. Is this unit one of them? Well, checking our review below is one sure-fire way to find out.


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Kaussmann Ductless 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner Review

To give you a brief idea of the Kaussmann ductless mini split air conditioner, this unit combines refined aesthetic appeal, with many of the convenient features that we would expect of an advanced air conditioning system. Additionally, this unit also holds itself quite well in terms of efficiency and performance, making the Kaussmann ductless mini split a crowd-pleaser across the board, a relatively rare sighting in the HVAC industry.


Cooling Performance

With a cooling output of 12,000 BTUs, the Kaussmann ductless mini split air conditioner effectively cools living spaces of up to an ideal range of 550 square feet. With its maximum airflow standing at approximately 370 cubic feet per minute, this unit is capable of circulating air at an impressive rate, meaning the effects of cooling functions are felt that much quicker.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio takes into account energy consumption and cooling output of a unit, in an average seasonal setting, resulting in an accurate measurement of how efficiently a unit will perform in operation. With a SEER score of 20.5, the Kaussmann ductless mini split can be relied upon to perform to a high level of efficiency, thus saving you a hefty sum of money over time on your energy bills. Additionally, an internal copper pipe thread enables better flow of refrigerants, which increases efficiency.

With regard to certifications, this unit comes Energy Star certified, which guarantees that this unit performs to a high standard of efficiency, in compliance with guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, with an ETL certification, the Kaussmann Ductless Mini Split has been shown to be suitable for the North American market, matching all the necessary requirements.



Fortunately, the Kaussmann ductless mini split comes with a wide variety of convenient features built into the device, including various modes such as sleep mode, turbo mode, economy mode, and quiet mode. Sleep mode allows the unit to slowly increase temperatures throughout the night, conserving energy, whilst maintaining comfortable conditions and effectively eliminating the uncomfortable sensation of waking up to an over-cooled house. Additionally, turbo mode enables the unit to function at a raised capacity, providing faster performance, at the sacrifice of efficiency, while economy provides an energy conserving option, whereby the unit will automatically power on and off, only resuming cooling services when necessary, to maintain a comfortable environment.

Furthermore, the Kaussmann ductless mini split also features auto restart capability, allowing the unit to automatically reboot following a power outage, while an operational timer function allows the user to tailor their unit’s times of operation to better suit their own schedule. Finally, with a high quality remote control clearly displays all of the available modes and functions, allowing the user to quickly issue commands to their device from anywhere in the room, a feature that is never more appreciated than in the clammy depths of the sweltering Summer months.



Featuring an LED motion display, this user benefits from a sleek and professional design that both aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. Further, with an activated carbon filter, the Kaussmann ductless mini split is effective at removing typical family household odours, while the unit also benefits from a washable anti-bacterial filter. Regarding noise levels, this unit’s indoor component registers at between 43.6dB, and 28.6dB, depending on which mode the unit is currently operating on, while the outdoor condenser will register at approximately 55.4dB. Considering that the average human conversation will usually register at about 60dB, the noise levels of this device are certainly not going to be overly-intrusive on your daily routine, as some of the noisier units are. Finally, this unit benefits from a 15-ft. installation kit.

Dimensions (Inches) 

Indoor Unit

Height: 10.83″

Width: 31.5″

Depth: 7.4″


Outdoor Unit

Height: 21.97″

Width: 31.89″

Depth: 12.2″


Help & Support

The Kaussmann ductless mini split air conditioner enjoys a generous 3-years parts, 5-years compressor limited warranty. However, it must be noted that only those with proof of proper installation (by a licensed professional) may avail of this warranty coverage plan.

With regard to Kaussmann’s available customer service resources, customer service representatives are contactable via telephone, email, or through the company’s various social media presences.



To sum up our review of the Kaussmann ductless mini split air conditioner, this unit provides the user with a reliably efficient alternative to some of the other units on the market. With its above average range of convenient features, coupled with a streamlined chic design, this product is both a visual delight, and a hell of a performer. If your intended living space matches the ideal setting we laid out at the beginning of this review we would recommend you lend this unit your consideration.