Air-Con 12,000 BTU Air Conditioners 2020

Last Updated: March 18, 2020

Trapped in the maze that is today’s air conditioning market? Check out our review of the Air-Con 12,000 BTU ductless mini split to see what we thought of this effective and attractive unit.

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The ductless air conditioner is made up of two units, an outdoor condenser, and an indoor air handler, connected via refrigerant tubing and wires. This configuration effectively eliminates the need for ducts, vastly simplifying the installation, transport, and maintenance of the system. Coming in a wide variety of BTU outputs and intended uses, these stylishly sleek air conditioning systems are becoming more and more popular. Today, our team of expert HVAC analysts will be taking a stab at the Air-Con 12,000 BTU air conditioner, to see just how well this unit performs under our usual range of criteria.


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Air-Con 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner Review


The Air-Con 12,000 BTU air conditioner excels in almost every category, with its air handler’s soft white angular casing allowing the device to effortlessly sit back comfortably into any modern home-owners décor. Additionally, this air conditioning system is also capable of providing the user with a range of convenient functions and features that make it ideal for the casual AC owner. Check out our full buyers guide below for a quick run-down of all the pros and cons of this stand-out unit.


Cooling Performance

With a cooling output of 12,000 BTUs, the Air-Con 12,000 BTU air conditioner is capable of adequately servicing an area of up to 550 square feet.  Selecting a unit with the correct BTU output to match your home environment is perhaps the most important aspect of an air conditioning unit that must be considered before committing to a purpose, as a unit that is too powerful, or too weak, will not achieve the level of efficient performance that you want from your home unit.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of a unit takes into account its energy consumption and cooling output, in an average seasonal setting. With a SEER score of 20.5, this unit may be relied upon to function efficiently while in operation. Additionally, this unit also comes Energy Star certified, meaning it functions in adherence to a set of strict guidelines regarding energy consumption, set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Further, this unit’s performance figures are certified by AHRI, allowing the user peace-of-mind in the knowledge that their unit will function as promised.



Fortunately, the Air-Con 12,000 BTU ductless mini split unit comes packed to the brim with numerous convenience enhancing features, most notable of all being the LCD remote control and 24-hour programmable timer. With the addition of 7-fan speeds, the user is enabled to draw the performance they need from their unit, conserving energy by not constantly operating their unit on the highest setting. Additionally, the built-in sleep mode allows the unit to gradually increase temperatures throughout the night, maintaining a comfortable environment, conserving energy, and eliminating the unpleasant experience of waking up to an over-cooled home. Further, this unit is also capable of self diagnosis, auto defrost, auto cleaning, and auto restart (the ability to automatically reboot following a power outage and resume previous function), effectively meaning that this unit is fully able to maintain itself. Finally,



With a corrosion resistant cabinet, the Air-Con 12,000 BTU’s outdoor condenser unit is able to stand up against rough weather conditions and typical outdoor hazards. With regard to the indoor unit, this device benefits from cutting-edge inverter technology, which allows the device to function at a much lower noise level. Additionally, the Air-Con 12,000 BTU ductless mini split boasts auto vertical and horizontal louver swing, meaning it is quite capable of achieving an even and all-encompassing distribution of cooled air within your loving space. Other features incorporated into this unit’s design include a drain hose for excess moisture, a 5 ft. power cable, a 15 ft. communication wire between the two units, and a washable, removable panel.



Help & Support

Benefitting from a generous 5-years parts and 7-years compressor limited warranty, the manufacturer have gone the extra mile in ensuring that their users are fully supported in the case of an issue arising with their Air-Con 12,000 BTU ductless mini split. Unfortunately, we were unable to uncover any further information regarding the help & support services provided by the manufacturer, however the unit does come with user documents such as an operational manual, and contact details.



Wrapping up our Air-Con 12,000 BTU ductless mini split review, this unit excels in enough categories that it is almost a home-run, however it does unfortunately stumble ever so slightly in the help & support department. The unavailability of easily-accessible customer service resources is somewhat irritating considering how well the Air-Con 12,000 BTU performs under all other criteria. That being said, the unit does benefit from an immensely generous warranty coverage period. The sleek and minimalistic design of this system’s air handler make the unit quite the feature in any contemporary décor, sitting comfortable into background. Performing to a high level of efficiency, and supporting itself with a wealth of convenience-enhancing features, this unit is certainly one to consider if you have a suitable living space in mind.